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Faculty of   Abhaibhubejhr  Thai Traditional  Medicine


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       The College of   Abhaibhubejhr  Thai Traditional  Medicine  was established on 16th June  2005. Following the autonomy university reform, the name was changed to Faculty of  Abhaibhubejhr  Thai Traditional  Medicine on 1st May 2008.  The faculty was run in coorporation with  Abhaibhubejhr  Hospital, the famous in “Abhaibhubejhr herbal products” hospital in Thailand.       
       The Applied Thai Traditional  Medicine  Bachelor degree was started in the year 2006.

Degrees Offered
       Bachelor of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (B.TM.)

Advance Education/Career Guide
Continue studying in master degree and doctoral degree or working in the government or private institutes such as hospitals, clinics, spa resorts or hotels, or doing your own business.

1. Research Plan :   Herbal and Thai Traditional Medicine in the East.
    1.1   Folk Medicines and Herbal Used in Chantaburi Province. 
    1.2   Folk Medicines and Herbal Used in Rayong Province. 
    1.3   Folk Medicines and Herbal Used in Chonburi Province. 
    1.4   Folk Medicines and Herbal Used in Chachoengsao Province. 
    1.5   Folk Medicines and Herbal Used in Prachinburi Province.
2.   Investigation of Anti-inflammatory agents from medicinal plants in East of  Thailand.
3.   Anti-microbial activity of  Medicinal Plants Against Multi-drug Resistance Pathogenic Bacteria.
4.   Effect  of Plant Growth Regulators on Free Radical Scavenging Activities and  Phenolic Content  of Extracts from Selected Medicinal Plants Calli  Cultured in  Vitro.
5.   Evaluation of hypotensive mechanisms and toxicity of Nelumbo nucifera leaf  extract.
6.   Antimicrobial effect of extract from Curcuma longa L. on   Helicobacter pylori.     
7.   Strategies for the discovery of new anticancer compounds from seaweeds  and/or  seagrasses in the  east coast of the Gulf  of  Thailand.
8.   Application of herb and herb formula collected from Eastern part of Thailand  for immune stimulant and controlling of pathogenic bacteria ineconomic  aquaculture
9.   Application of herb in Eastern part of Thailand for short-term chilled storage of  African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) milt.
10. Application of  herb in Eastern part of Thailand for long term cryopreservative of  African Catfish.
11. Biodiversity of thraustochytrids  from mangrove forest  and its application  as the food  source of  highly unsaturated fatty acids in aquaculture.        
12. Investigation an isolation of marine fungi from mangroves for study of  their  potential in antibiotics and enzymes production.         
13. Actinomycetes from Mangrove Capably Produce Antimicrobial bioactive  Compounds.





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