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Current Student

     Currently, the total number of students is 46,441 consisted of 67 diploma students, 36,995 Bachelor’s Degree students, 54 Graduate Diploma students, 8,209 Master’s Degree students, and 1,116 Doctorate students.  Among this number are 644 international students. Burapha University determines strongly to produce graduates possessing quality corresponding with university philosophy “To establish intellect, to encourage the search for knowledge and morality, and to guide society”.
     Considering the importance of university life and cooperation among students, the university provides students with beneficial welfare and activities such as supporting facilities and services, and recreational areas.

Remarks :: Latest update on July 7, 2011.

     Each semester, students are required to enroll according to the date and time specified by the university by following the enrollment processes:  1) consulting with advisors at the place appointed by the university; 2) enrolling on-line through the enrolling system installed in the university website; 3) printing out tuition fee payment slip; and 4) paying for the tuition fee shown on the slip at the bank counter according to the specified date and time.
Registration System
Division of Academic Services
Instructional Evaluation
    For effective instruction, students are required to evaluate their studying behavior and the instructor’s teaching via on-line survey. The purpose of the evaluation is aimed for instructional improvement of each course.
Evaluation System
Academic assurance service
    The Department of Guidance and Job Search, Student’s Affair Division provides scholarships for students who study hard and who are well-behaved, but short of financial support. The scholarships are from the university, other government sections and private organizations.  
Student Affair Division
Student Loan Fund
Accommodation Welfare
     Five dormitory buildings are provided for students: one for male students with its capacity of 800 students and four for female students with the capacity of 5,600 students. One more building is in construction process which is expected to be able to house around 1,500 students in the academic year of 2013.
Dormitory System
Division of Student Affairs
Accident Insurance
    Accident insurance is provided for all bachelor’s degree students. In case of accident in which the injured student is admitted in Burapha University Hospital, s/he is not required to pay in advance for the insurance amount stated in insurance policy.
Division of Student Affairs
Student’s Civil Registration

    Students intending to stay on campus are required to move their name into university census by proposing their move-out registration at their origin registration office and submit their move-out document to the Office of Student Service and Welfare, Student Affair Division during office hours from July 1-7.

Division of Student Affairs
Guidance and Job Search Service

Guidance and job search service, Student Affair Division offers counseling to the students who confront with any kinds of problem. In addition, financial support, job search, recruitment announcement, jobs for student, occupational library, and Disabled Student Service Center are provided for a happy student life.

Moreover, programs aimed at improving student’s quality are offered; Improving Study Achievement Program for Probated Students and Occupation Guidance, for example.


Division of Student Affairs
Division of Employment, The Ministry of Labor

Counseling Center

    Counseling Center is established under the supervision of The Office of Guidance and Job Search, Student Affair Division. With professional counselors, the center is aimed at giving counseling to students who confront with any kind of problems during their study for them to have a happy university life.


The Disabled Student Service Center (DSS )

This center, under the supervision and support from Guidance and job search service, Student Affair Division , provides academic and living supports for students with disability hoping that they can equally access instructional system and be satisfied with their student life.



Occupational Library

    Occupational Library provides books, journals, magazines and other documents related to occupational information for students to prepare themselves before getting into their actual field of work.

Job Search Service

    For students who would like to earn extra money and who are going to graduate including alumni, job vacancies are posted on the information board.

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