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Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts


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       Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Burapha University was established on the 21st June B.E. 2538 (1985) after an announcement in the Royal gazette, Royal decree Vol. 112. Before the establishment until present, the Faculty has a long history as the following:

       B.E. 2498     Started as a discipline of “Humanities and Sociality” in the Faculty of Education,
                               the Bangsaen College of Education
       B.E. 2503 – 2517    Offered “Art appreciation” as a compulsory course for all major students
       B.E. 2517     When the Bangsaen College of Education was upgraded to “Srinakarinwirote
                               University Bangsaen”, the discipline of “Humanities and Sociality” was changed to
                               “The Department of Arts and Culture” and was then moved to the Faculty of Humanities
       B.E. 2521    Commenced a course on “Arts education” for part time students (a continuing education program)
       B.E. 2530 – 2533    Established a Project on the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Burapha University
       B.E. 2535    Offered two disciplines: Painting and Visual Communication Arts (firstling)
       B.E. 2537    Offered another two disciplines: Graphic Arts and Ceramics (firstling)
       B.E. 2538    Announced as “The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts” in the Royal Gazette on the 28th March B.E. 2538
       B.E. 2541    Commenced a program on Music (Thai music program) (firstling)
       B.E. 2544    Commenced a program on Visual Communication Arts (firstling)
       B.E. 2546    Commenced a program on Music (Western music program) (firstling)
       B.E. 2548    Launched a Master program on Arts and Culture administration (firstling)
       B.E. 2549    The Bachelor program on Arts was first revised as follows: the Music program was changed to Music and Performing Arts; the Visual Communication Arts program was sub-divided to three majors: Computer graphic, Graphic design, and Television and Digital media
       B.E. 2551    Launched a Master program of Arts in Visual Arts and design (firstling)
       B.E. 2552    Offered a Bachelor program of Arts in Product design (firstling)

       Excellence in academic arts and art creation Virtue promotion and Internationalization

       Wisdom center for Art creation

       The Faculty promotes and supports all persons to be thinkers and creators by producing graduates and developing staffs to be academic excellent and self-managed work, adaptable to social civilization and technology, having administrative personalization and moral conscious.

       1. Being knowledgeable and skillful in Arts
       2. Having attitude in seeking various knowledge, creations and experiences
       3. Capability of analyzing, criticizing and developing aesthetic cognition
       4. Appreciating in the values of Thai arts and culture
       5. Capability of applying knowledge for living
       6. Moralistic and realizing in Profession and Membership


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