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Graduate School of Public Administration (GSPA)


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       As a consequence of worldwide repaid economic and social change and development, the administrators of both private and public sectors find it an absolute necessity to be able to effectively tackle new problems that organizations have been encountering. In response to this demand, Burapha University, since the 1997 academic year. Has offered a weekend graduate program in Public Administration to administrators in need of such responsive knowledge and management skills. The program is taught by nationally recognized administrators and academics, well experienced in the field.
       The Graduate School of Administration for Executives is thus offering more opportunities and choices to administrators in public and private sectors. particularly civil servants, police officers, military personnel, local government officials, government enterprise personnel and private organization administrators
       Burapha University Council, at the meeting 1/2000 dated January 17,2001, has approved the status elevation of the MPA Program for Executives to “The Graduate School of Public Administration”, as an autonomous unit under the auspices of the University.
       The Graduate School of Public Administration has entrusted itself with a strong determination to be a leading higher institution in the field. To accomplish this mission, the Graduate School of Public Administration aims not only to produce qualified Master’s and Doctoral graduates with excellent research skill but also to provide professional research and consultant services in response to global change and demand to both public and private sectors.

        “An article of faith leads to success Presently”

       “A Public Administration Institution with International Research and Academic Excellence”

          1. Research and development
          2. Offering Graduate programs in Public Administration
          3. To provide academic services for societies.
          4. To promote artistic and cultural studies


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