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Faculty  of  Humanities  and  Social  Sciences

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                The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was first established in 1955 as the Faculty of Humanistic and Social Studies affiliated with the College of Education, Bangsaen, the first regional tertiary institution ever established in Thailand under the department of Teacher’s Training, Ministry of Education. At the outset, the Faculty of Humanistic and Social Studies offered bachelor’s degree programs in only few disciplines such as, history , social sciences, geography, Thai, English and fine arts. In 1974, when the College of Education was upgraded to be Srinakharinwirot University, the Faculty of Humanistic and Social Sciences at Bangsaen campus was divided into the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.
                In 1990,Srinakharinwirot University at Bangsaen was given its autonomy and was named Burapha University. The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences were then merged and have become the   “Faculty of  Humanities and Social Sciences” ever since.

Philosophy :
                Creating student’s aesthetic value, Fostering scholarship, moral principles, and Supporting society

                Leading in Academic Integration, Benchmarking the Teaching and Learning, and Gaining International Reputation

                Educating Students, Conducting Research, Serving Society, Preserving Cultural Heritage, Maintaining the Teaching and Learning Standards, and Building International Reputation based on Local Wisdom

Quality Assurance

The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has developed a systemic mechanism for quality assurance in which participation of faculty members and staff is crucial for the teaching and learning to meet education standards.  The faculty also conducts self-assessment and creates a report yearly in order to prepare from external evaluation from the Commission of Higher Education and the Office of Education Standard and Measurement which evaluate the faculty every five years.  We put great effort to ensure the future employers of our graduates that our graduates are qualified and our institution is well established and highly regarded in the society.


The faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences promote and support faculty members and staff in doing research and other academic works.  There are scholarships available for personnel to present and publish their work both at a national level and an international level.  In addition, there are services provided for research related news, information, and public relations. Faculty members can receive information about research seminar and conference from both inside and outside the university.

Graduates’ achievement
                According to the university’s academic assessment and employment survey by the Commission on Higher Education, Burupha University’s graduates are very successful in obtaining jobs and employment. They hold good positions in both the public sector and the private sector. Many of them are self-employed and others chose to continue their education abroad. Every year, many private companies come to the university to interview and offer job opportunities to graduating students.

Financial  aid

                Faculty  of  Humanities  and  Social  Sciences  scholarships  are  available to  students  of  respectable  conduct,  with  satisfactory  outcome  of  studies;  and  students  who  need  financial  aid.   These scholarships are from various organizations.  Likewise, students can also apply for loans from the university.

International Relations

                The Faculty has collaborated with many universities in many countries. There are many projects that students and faculty members can participate in, such as exchange programs with Kanda University: Japan, Hankuk University; Korea, Yunnan Normal University; China, and the Australian National University; Australia.
The faculty also collaborates with geographic institutions in Ireland and Germany. In addition, the Korean Studies Center has organized conferences and seminars in cooperation with many international organizations.





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