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Computer Center

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History and Background
Established in the year 1993, the Computer Center originated from a computer service center project set up to provide training and practical experience for students as well as academic services to the local community and various units both inside and outside the university. It was also intended to offer research and administrative services for the entire university in support of industrial development along the eastern seaboard. At first, this project was attached to the administrative unit of Srinakharinwirot University, Bangsaen Campus.

The Bangsaen Campus, in 1990, became the full-fledged Burapha University. Due to its resulting higher level of responsibility and a greater amount of work, the university issued a policy to create a unit directly responsible for computer services to support its teaching and learning, research, academic services, and administrative efforts. The unit would also help reduce duplication of computer staff and computer hardware on the university grounds. To allow for efficient and uncomplicated computer services as well as successful achievement of the computing unit’s objectives, the university made provisions for the Computer Center Estabishing Project with status equal to that of a university faculty in the seventh phase of the university development plan.

1992 – Present
On September 14, 1992 the university announced via the Royal Gazette the plan to promote the Computer Center Estabishing Project to become the Computer Center, equal in status to a faculty.

The Computer Center will strive to become a hub and leader in bringing information and communications technology or ICT knowledge and innovation to support education, research, and administration of the university and to also provide academic services to society.

(1) Develop and provide computer network services.
(2) Form and offer IT system services.
(3) Create and provide information and communication services.
(4) Develop and offer academic services.
(5) Provide instructional resources.
(6) Offer meeting and seminar venues.

The Burapha University Computer Center will be a central unit offering excellent academic, creative, and developmental IT services in line with the national development plan.

Main responsibilities
(1) Develop and set up a computer network service system for the benefit of the educational, research, and administrative processes at the university and its campuses.
(2) Evolve into an IT development hub of the university.
(3) Excel at providing IT services to the community.
(4) Be a source of beneficial data services for the community.

Objectives of the Computer Center
To fulfill its vision and duties, the Computer Center will work on development in four areas which include factors inside the organization itself or the Internal Perspective, related outside entities or the External Perspective, innovation and learning or the Learning & Growth Perspective, and financial concerns or the Financial Perspective. As such, it has the following objectives:
(1) Enhance its computer network reliability and cost effectiveness as well as student, university staff, and campus satisfaction.
(2) Develop and provide standard IT services that are satisfactory to students, university staff, the campus, and external units.
(3) Advance and provide quality information and communication production services to the university’s students and staff as well as the campus and external units.
(4) Support academic services and also build and improve the potential of the university’s students, staff, and campus as well as external units.
(5) Cultivate and offer superior learning sources to support education at the university and also serve as a training center for the university’s staff and students, the campus and external units.
(6) Offer high-standard conference and seminar rooms to students and staff of the university as well as the campus and units outside the university.

Computer Center Service Time
Semester Day Opening Times
  Semester 1st and 2nd   Monday - Sunday   08.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.
  Summer   Monday - Sunday   08.00 a.m. - 12.00 p.m.
  Semester Break   Monday - Sunday   08.00 a.m. - 04.30 p.m.
  Close at holiday of the government service

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