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Information System


Study and Research
      Registration System
      Evaluation System
      Research Database System
      Student Debt-release System
     Admission System
      Student Affairs Informatics System
     Database of the Faculty of Nursing
      BUU Personnel Ethics Evaluation System
     Training Management System of the Faculty of Engineering
     Cooperative Education Management System of the Faculty of Hotel and Management
      Access Controlling System of the Faculty of Sport Science
     Graduate Information System
      Information System of STBUU Students
     STBUU Admission System
     Curriculum Database Management System
      BUU Personnel System
      BUU 3D Account System
      E-Document System
      Information System of BUU Division of Buildings and Ground
      Information System of BUU Academic Services
      Information System for University International Rankings
     BUU News System
     Conference Room Services System for Meeting and Ceremony
     Budgeting System of the Faculty of Education
     Strategic Planning System of the Faculty of Education
     Personnel System of the Faculty of Education
     Information System for Training of the Computer Center
     Consensus Meeting System
General Services
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      Wireless Network       Radio Online
      Webmail      Smart BUU
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