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Faculty of Nursing

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            The Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University was established with the permission from the Ministry of University Affiars on June 8, 1982.  At the beginning, it was one faculty in Srinakarinwirote University, Bangsaen Campus, and first batch of students was admitted in 1983.
            In the establishment, the teaching and learning took place in the Physics Building of the Faculty of Science.  Later, the instructions were moved to the Faculty of Physical Education in 1985.  Finally the instructions began at the Nursing Building in 1986 when the structure was completely built.
            Later on, when Srinakarinwirote University, Bangsaen Campus was upgraded to be Burapha University on July 30, 1990 according the university act, Faculty of Nursing was transferred to be the first faculty of Burapha University.

            Burapha University is located at 169, Long-hard Bangsaen Rd. Saensuk Subdistrict, Muang District, Chonburi Province.


            Academically Up-to-date, Ethical Confidence, Social Leadership, Corporative with Thai culture, Raise to International Standard


            The Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University is a well-known leading institution at national and Asian regional levels. It aims at creating the body of knowledge through research and nursing practices. The activities lead to the production of nurses and nursing researchers, with sufficient wisdom and ethics, as well as international quality.


            Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University operates with the four missions as follow:
            - educating students to be graduates who have analytical skills, life-long learning skills, disciplines, morals, world-class quality and maintain the Thai characters.
            - creating the body of knowledge with research and nursing practice for health care and develop the quality of the instructions and learning.
            - providing academic services for the society, profession, and community to be able to be rely on one and have sustainable health care.
            - Preserve and enrich the Thai art and culture.  The Faculty of Nursing inherit and continue the fine culture by emphasizing on human, Thai ways of life, and encourage the thinking, feeling, and expression which can lead to the creativeness in the new culture for living in the contexts of Thai.  The Faculty of Nursing also promote the Thai wisdom in health care.


            The Faculty of Nursing, Burapha University operates in harmony with the following objectives:
            1. produces nursing graduates both in undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degree levels qualified with academic excellence, ethics, social concerns, and leadership.
            2. aims to develop academic excellence through research to develop the body of knowledge, education management, and administration.
            3. provides academic services to public.
            4. offers Nursing Education, Nursing Profession, and Health Care Profession employing high technology to the needs of Health Care Education, nationally and internationally.
            5. encourages activities concerning the Thai cultural conservation, international cultural exchange, and encourages the local wisdom for health care.
            6. offers assistance in producing nursing graduates, teachers, and personnel to international needs, especially bordering countries, and the Pacific and Mae Khong Region.


169 169 Longhaad Bangsaen Road, Saensook, Mueang, ChonBuri 20131
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