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Burapha University Cooperative
  Burapha University Cooperative
    Operated by members and for members of Burapha University Cooperative
    Condition and process for being members of the cooperative: The applicants
        1. must be 20 years old.
        2. bring the ID card to Cooperative.
        3. pay 30 baht for the initial fee.
        4. put initial cash for shares. Each share is 50 baht.
    Notice: Ever y time the member buys goods; they have to provide their membership number in order to accumulate the credits for the purchases they make.
    Opening time: (During the semester) from 07.30 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. *** In the summer from 07.30 a.m. to 7.00 p.m.
  The service in the cooperative is as follows
    Selling grocery items, stationery items, pre-paid phone-cards of every system (special price) Electrical Items: electric fans, lamps, and irons
  Things necessary for dormitory life
    Buckets, plastic basin for washing clothes, hangers, etc. Special prices for every customer
  The fiscal year of the cooperative
    Start from October 1st to September 30th. If you have any questions or any additional suggestions, please contact the Cooperative. Tel: 0-3839-3405, Fax: 0-3839-0203, Internal telephone 2552
    Benefits for members:
        1. Be the owner of the Cooperative.
        2. Be able to attend the annual meeting of the Cooperative.
        3. Be able to nominate and vote for the chairperson and the committees operating the Cooperative.
        4. Have the right to buy goods at special prices and be able to participate in various projects provided by the Cooperative.
        5. Be able to get interest according to the shares the member has. (Each share costs 50 baht. The member cannot buy beyond 100 shares or 5,000 baht) According to the Cooperative Bill, the Cooperative must pay the interest rate which is not above 10 % per year. Consequently, the more shares the member has, the more interest he/she will get. The interest is tax-free.
        6. Be able to get the average return according to the amount of money the member purchases within a fiscal year. The staff in the cooperative will record the amount of the purchases the member makes according to the membership number. Therefore, every time the member buys goods, he or she should provide the membership number. In fact, the more the member buys, the more average return he or she will get. This leads to economy. If the customers buy goods from other shops, they won’t have the opportunity to get the average return. (From the 2010 fiscal year, the Cooperative can pay 10 % interest for the share and 4.75 % average return. This means that the goods in the Cooperative have fairer and cheaper prices. In other words, the member can save 4 baht 75 satangs for each 100 baht purchase.)
    The Cooperative has the policy to set the prices of the goods lower than those in the market. In addition, the Cooperative will offer cheaper goods with better quality.

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