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Burapha University has a total of 2,959 personnels, including government officials, university officials, and university employees.

Type of Employments Number of persons
     Government officials 341
     Project employees 131
     University employees 135
     Part-time staff 76
     Permanent employees 126
     University officials 862
     University officials(University Income) 1199
     Professional specialists 52
     Foreign lecturers 37
     Total 2959

Note:  Information as of October 17, 2011

     The university is full of dedicated individual working collaboratively to lead the university to continuously pace forwards. The university helps and encourages its staff by providing them with welfare, personnel development fund, and various projects to boost up their potential


Personnel Information System

    University staff can search for information and update their personal data via the university’s personnel information system.
Personnel Information System

Faculty and Staff Housing

    The university arranges condominiums, dormitories, and houses for staff members. New dormitories and houses are being constructed continuously to replace the old ones with the purpose to serve an increasing number of personnel.
Division of Buildings and Ground
University Welfare and Benefits
    Burapha University recognizes the essence of life quality and the subsistence of the university staff. Therefore, it offers health and welfare benefits which aim to provide a sense of well-being at the workplace to eligible staff members such as Social Welfare Fund, University Housing, Group Insurance, Provident Fund, Social Security, etc.  
Personnel Division
Government Pension Fund
Welfare for Government Officials and Employees

1. Leaves of Absence
2. Leaves of Absence With Pay
3. Medical Care
4. Child Education
5. Children’s Allowance
6. Hardship supplement
7. Traveling Reimbursement
8. Compensation for Moral Support (In case when staff member suffers from a serious injury or are accidentally disabled while performing the usual duties of their job.)
9. Death Grant
10. Pension in case of retirement, leaving the government services or death
11. Government Pension Fund (Government Officials)
12. Government Employee Provident

University Officials Welfare

Leaves of Absence

1. Sick Leave
2. Maternity Leave
3. Personal Leave
4. Vacation(Annual) Leave
5. Ordination or Proceeding to Mecca
6. Military Leave and Military Training Leave
7. Sabbatical, Faculty Member Improvement and Career Redirection Leave
8. Off-campus International Academic Service Leave
9. Spouse Accompanying Leave

Internal – Welfare Arrangement for University Personnel

The University issues university regulations on Personnel Welfare Regulation, B.E. 2553, Burapha University’s Personal Welfare Regulation (2nd Issue), B.E. 2553, and the Announcement of University Welfare Committee No. 0001/2010 on the Disbursement of the Welfare

  1. A grant of 5,000 baht to households who are directly impacted by the natural disasters
  2.  A grant of not exceeding 10,000 baht in case a staff member dies
  3. A grant of not exceeding 3,000 baht in case, father or mother, husband or wife, or a child legitimate to a staff member dies
  4. A funeral wreath with the university’s name shall be paid not exceeding 500 baht.
  5. University’s bus or van is provided for the funeral, but fuel shall be authentically paid once, not exceeding 5,000 baht. The maximum rate for a driver is 300 baht per day.
  6. In case a staff member gets injured while at work, he or she will receive 1,000 baht(with an employer’s injury notification)
  7. Flowers or gifts for an inpatient is 500 baht, not exceeding 3 times per year.
  8. Flowers or gifts for a staff member, giving birth, is 500 baht.
University Accommodation Welfare
  1. Houses
  2. Condominiums
Loan Service Welfare


  1. Government Housing Bank (without deposit)
  2. Government Savings Bank’s Bank Loan
  3. Krungthai Bank’s Bank Loan
  4. Loan Welfare of The Welfare Promotion Commission for Teachers and Educational Personnel
Provident Fund
  1. At each payment of wages, the benefited staff members are required to participate in the fund at the rate of 2% through the university’s deduction from the wages.
  2. The university shall pay the contribution into the fund corresponding to the number of staff members at a contribution rate of 2%, the same rate of the staff member’s savings.
Social Security

The Social Security Office provides 8 types of benefits for insured persons as follows:

  1. Sickness or Injury
  2. Maternity
  3. Disability (Invalidity)
  4. Children’s Allowance
  5. Old-age Pension
  6. Unemployment
  7. Dental Case
  8. Death
Group Life Insurance

1.  For inpatient-cases, an insured person is entitled to get the compensation for an amount of 500 baht daily, but not exceeding 100 days.
2.  In case of death, an insured person will receive a total of 100,000 baht from his/her life insurance.


Staff Clubhouse


The staff member will receive a grant in cases of marriage, ordination, death, father or mother, husband or wife, or a child legitimate to him/her dies, or being an inpatient for more than 5 days.

Requests for Receiving Royal Thai Orders and Decorations

The university will request for the Royal Thai Orders and Decorations for government officials, government employees, and university officials. It will request for the Most Admirable Order of the Direkgunabhorn for those who make finance donation to the university.


Extra Money for Lecturers


The university pays extra money to lecturers who hold doctorates in inadequate branches under the condition that they are not scholars receiving grant following the university’s needs.


The University provides compensation to university officials and employees continue working the second year.

Progress and Promotion

1. The University encourages, recognizes, and rewards lecturers for excellence in the performance of their duties. Academic staff may apply for promotion to the academic ranks of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor pursuant to the rule prescribed by CSC Regulation and the designations of Burapha University Council.
2. Academic supporting staff can apply for promotion to the positions of Professional Level, Senior Professional Level, Expert Level, and Advisory Level pursuant to the rule prescribed by CSC Regulation and the designations of Burapha University Council.


Burapha University’s Scholarship Grants


Burapha University has a policy to develop staff members in many forms of education assistance, including attending higher degree programs, attending seminars and conferences, undertaking professional training programs, presenting research papers, both domestically as well as overseas. Staff members who wish to pursue a higher degree may apply for a University Scholarship grant. Criteria have been established for them to receive scholarship grants. Provisions have been established that any qualified lecturers will be generously supported toward the achievement of a higher degree once they have met the acceptance criteria. Scholarship awards sponsored by the university are as follows:

  1. Scholarship grants for university officials
  2. Scholarship grants for department staff
  3. Scholarship grants for individuals in general

Disciplinary Proceedings and Legal Affairs


1.  Advising and processing disciplinary and ethics proceeding concerning university officials and employees, liability for wrongful acts of officials and general lawsuits
2. Prescribing appropriate disciplinary actions or penalties for university officials, government officials and university employees (without the president’s adjudication)
3.  Reviewing and drafting contracts and contracts of suretyship for staff members, attending higher degree programs or undertaking professional training programs both domestically as well as overseas         
4.  Reviewing and drafting contracts and contracts of suretyship for staff members and individuals for receiving government scholarship grants as well as the university scholarship grants both domestically and overseas
5. Managing to summon scholarship recipients in case they breach the agreed contracts whether or not they have graduated, they must repay the scholarship-fund amount as indicated in the contract
6.  Processing execution proceedings to the prosecuting attorney in case the recipients breach the agreed contracts
7.   Coordinating with the attorney in the case the university is filed of administrative cases
8.   Coordinating with the attorney in the case the university is filed of both criminal and civil cases


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