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Life in Burapha University

     Becoming a new member of the University, students need to learn to adjust to the new environment and friends. Such an environment the students will first touch is the university location which is harmoniously merged with the true nature and modern urban community, and the lively seashore atmosphere mingled with soft breeze blowing from mountains. These surroundings encourage cozy and academic environment. Aside from this, the university also helps the students to adjust themselves through a number of activities aiming to encourage cooperation, leadership and institutional loyalty so that the students can acquire not only knowledge but also gain valuable experience.

  Consolidation and Welcoming Activity
     This activity held for freshmen is aimed at creating good relationships and better understanding among them. This activity is divided into two sessions: walk rally in the morning and blessing ceremony in the evening. Walk rally is a recreational activity aimed to give the students chances to get to know each other and to adjust themselves. The blessing ceremony is a cultural activity aimed toward giving the opportunity to freshmen to know  senior students which can promote Thai culture and create an impression among the new students.
  “Wai-Kroo” or Teacher Venerating Ceremony
     When a new academic year starts, freshmen will attend the “Wai Kroo” Ceremony as the representatives of their Faculty. For this activity, the freshmen in each faculty will help each other design and create flower and joss-stick and candles offerings to be used in the ceremony to pay homage to teachers.
     After the ceremony, every freshman will vote for their generation title from the titles proposed by freshmen from every faculty. For the 2011 generation, the title selected is Patcharanilpat, and the colors for this generation are green and white.
  Tao-Tong Sport Games
    After the welcoming activity and cheering rehearsal, Tao-Tong Sport Games are held for the students to enjoy sport competition and a cheering contest. Filled with loud cheering, on that day, Chaomaneewong stadium will be totally changed from a quiet stadium to a colorful and exciting place. The grandstand will be colorfully and creatively decorated. The students from each faculty will present their creativity through decoration. The sound of cheering and the wonderful cheerleading from attractive and well-trained cheerleaders including funny leaders called “Lead Maprao” will present an unforgettable picture and enjoyable atmosphere for the sport competition.
  Khao Sam Muk Run

    This run is a customary activity which is held annually on July 8. Its purpose is to remind us of the university establishment day. It is also required that every student run in this activity; otherwise, s/he will not graduate. The activity starts in the early morning of that day. The bus takes the students to the starting point which is located at the foot of Sam Muk hill; then, the students have to run from the spot passing Laem Taen along Bangsaen beach to the finishing point at Lan Tham field at the entrance of the campus. There is also a belief saying that, at the finishing point, the students who step on letter A will get A in all  courses taken. That is why the letter A will be stepped on and the color of the letter will be faded out.

    This activity is aimed at encouraging healthiness and sportsmanship; in addition, a trophy will be awarded and Pad Korakot Song will be sung for the winner.
     On-campus dormitories with reasonable facilities and a good security system are provided for students: one for male students with a capacity of 800 students and four for female students with the capacity of 5,600 students. Apart from those, there is a dormitory building for students of The Faculty of Nursing.
     The dormitories open at 05.00 am and close at 10.30 pm. However, if the students need to participate in any activities held by the university and are not able to return at closing time, they will need to inform the dormitory supervisor in advance.
  Learning Resources
     A number of knowledge resources are provided for all students; for instance, Central Library offers a great deal of beneficial printed media with a modern search system, and provides comfortable reading areas, mini theater, and computer room.

     The Computer Center offers high-speed internet with a wireless system covering every square inch of the campus. Personal computers are provided in convenient areas. The IT system and electronic pedagogical media are also easily accessed. The center also provides IT training and testing for the students to equip themselves for the international labor market.

     Moreover, Burapha University is well-known for marine science, and the Marine Science Institute functions as sea animal cultural and research resource. In addition, it is also a place for student’s internship, apart from being a knowledge resource.


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